Real Estate

Are you a real estate agent looking for a service provider to assist your clients with decluttering, home organization, and move coordination? We enjoy partnering with local real estate agents to assist their buyers and sellers with all their home organization and move coordination needs including:

  • Declutter and organize the spaces in a seller’s home before their current property is listed.
  • Reduce clutter + stage closets, pantries, shelving units, attics, and garages to make the seller’s current home appeal to more potential buyers.
  • Coordinate with packers and/or movers to ensure a move is as organized and stress-free as possible, and a client’s new home is ready to live in from the moment the moving truck pulls away from the curb.
  • Clean a vacant home on the market once the sellers move out of the area.
  • Clean an empty home once the sellers have moved out.
  • Clean an empty home before the buyers move in.

What we’ve found during our 20 years of work is that our home organization and move coordination services act as a wonderful compliment to our real estate partners and their buyers and sellers.

Do you have questions for us or have a client that needs our services? Please contact us to learn more or to get a free quote!