Move Coordination & Liason

When the moving truck pulls away from your new home, imagine already having large furniture pieces in place, boxes delivered to the correct new rooms, and essentials right where you need them.

Our goal with our Move Coordination service is for our clients to comfortably transition from the packed house they are moving out of, into their new home, with as little stress as possible.

What to Expect with our Move Coordination Service

The work of our seasoned move coordinators starts with an initial meeting with you where we learn more about your move, the property you are moving from, the property you are moving to, and all the items you are moving (or not moving) with you. Then, if you hire packers, our move coordination work begins when they do. And if you are managing the packing yourself, but are hiring a moving team to do the heavy lifting, that’s when our team will get involved.

  • We’ll make sure all boxes are properly labeled by room name/space they’ll be moved into, before the movers arrive. This is an important step in executing an organized and lower-stress move.
  • We instruct movers before they begin packing their truck. We know what specific items and furniture pieces need to be last on the moving truck, so they can be first off the moving truck when it pulls up to your new home.
  • We guide the movers as to where to place your bed frames, mattresses, and large furniture pieces in your new home. We know how important it is to get the big (and heavy) pieces in the right spot from the start!
  • We’ll make sure that your boxes and furniture pieces are placed in the correct room of your new home. This makes your unpacking much easier since everything is already in the new space it needs to be.
  • Because we know that you begin living in your new home from the moment you cross the threshold, our Move Coordination service includes us placing essential items throughout your home.

Optional Service Add-On: Our O.H.I.O. Service – Only Handle It Once – We partner with you to evaluate one or more spaces in your home to help you determine if you want to Keep, Toss Out, or Donate the items in that space. The goal of our O.H.I.O. service is to prevent you from packing, moving and/or storing items that you don’t intend to use.

When implemented as part of our Move Coordination services, we recommend scheduling your O.H.I.O. session(s) before you list your home. This type of streamlining and organization helps your current home to show better.

When a move is done right, you’ll have a home that functions for you from Day 1.

Ready to schedule the most stress-free move of your life? Contact us for your free quote or if you have a question!